5 Awesome stop over destinations

Traveling to destinations that are literally the “other-side of the world” can put a lot of people off. The long journey alone can often be the the biggest hurdle to overcome. I get it who wants to sit in a metal tube in the sky for 20hrs or more, certainly not me. And its not just the time in the air either, there’s the inevitable connection and a few hours in a random airport somewhere, waiting for another long flight.

This often means that many of you will never ever visit those far flung destinations you’ve been dreaming of. I think this is such a shame as to truly experience something completely different to our norm we really need to travel far. After all the main reason for traveling is to experience something new.

So why not ease the journey and stop off somewhere on route, it means the traveling is not such a chore and you get the bonus of a few nights in another awesome place.

Kuala Lumpur

Often a sop off for those traveling from Europe to Australasia, there are lots of reasons to visit, but the most popular has to be the Kuala Lumpur Nightlife. It is such a vibrant and buzzing city, that it makes a great place to spend a night or two. Great food, great bars and a really chilled atmosphere.

Another reason why KL is so popular as a stopover point, is the it is home to Air Asia, which allows you to get from KL to most other Asian cities very cheaply. Check out their website to see how cheap you can fly around Asia


Another popular stop off point in Asia is Bangkok, people stop over here, when on route to other Thai destinations such as the islands of Phuket or Koh Samui, as well as further afield such as Australia.

Bangkok should not really need any introduction, it is an amazing city to visit, you have so much to get up to, you probably need at least 3 days to make it worthwhile. Great for those seeking : Culture, Nightlife, Museums, shopping, Sun

Hong kong

The final Asian city on our list is Hong Kong, the gateway to China and beyond. Hong Kong has long been the entrance point for westerners to mainland china, as well as neutral meeting point for business men form China and the west to meet.

The city is a must do for any serious traveler. It offers everything you could wish for from a short break, shopping, great food, nightlife, and culture. If you are here for more than a 2 days then get yourself some tailored clothes made up

New York

Not all far afield destinations are based via Asia, North and South America both offer great destinations that are often to long for one go. With that in mind one of the best connected city’s is New York, you can get there very easy from the UK, and from NYC the whole of the America’s is at your disposal.

And who doesn’t fancy a few nights in New York, it really is the city that has it all. Food, Nightlife, Shows, Shopping, Sights and so much more.

The only downside to NYC is the price, it can be very expensive place to visit.


Not one that instantly springs to mind for those looking for a stop over destination, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Iceland Air now fly from several UK airports to a host of destinations in North America. All these flights will stop over in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

They offer the chance to break your journey there and spend a couple of nights exploring.

This is a great stop over for nightlife, Reykjavik has an amazing bar and club scene, some of the best bars in Europe are there. Also one that’s surely on everyone’s bucket list is seeing the northern light, there are loads of opportunity to see them in Iceland. Just book an organized tour from the city and let you guide give you one of the best nights ever.

So that was 5 great cities to spend a few nights, and have a stop over in. It really is an easy thing to do. It just takes a little extra effort at the planning stage. Most airlines will not charge any extra for breaking the journey at the hub, you may have a few extra taxes to pay, but these are usually minimal.