A funny read for your trip

We all love a good read on our travels, if your like us you don’t think a kindle comes even close to reading a real book? But when traveling they do have their advantages.

For example the ability to carry a virtually unlimited choice of books to read on your travels. If you on an extended trip this along with the ability to download more (using free wifi) means you never run out of something to read.

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Traveling with Dogs

There are plenty of trips and holidays you can take with family dog.

Dogs are known the world over as “Man’s best friend”, as well as 99% of dog owners describing their beloved pets as part of the family. So it makes sense then that when you go on holiday you would want to take your dog with you?

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The Rise of Low Cost Carriers

Ever since the mid 90’s the UK aviation market has undergone a rapid transformation.

No longer are we restricted to the monopoly of the legacy carriers (think British Airways BA), now we have a much wider choice. This all came about with the introduction of the “Low Cost Carrier” or LCC as they are known.

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