Outside factors that effect the cost of your trip

Traveling can be an expensive past time, especially if you have family, and can only travel at certain times of the year.

You’d be surprised what other factors beyond your control affect the price of your vacation.

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You won’t believe how close this plane comes to this beach

We at Concordia Travel do like to experience those things out of the ordinary,  and we don’t usually shy away from things.

But lazy on this beach in St Maarten (Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean) is possible a step too far, even for us ardent travelers.

I mean we love laying around on a stunning white sandy beach in the Caribbean as much as the next person. Who doesn’t? But the best thing about this is relaxing and chilling out, and that certainly isn’t possible when there is a giant 747 only a few feet above your head. Continue reading “You won’t believe how close this plane comes to this beach”

A funny read for your trip

We all love a good read on our travels, if your like us you don’t think a kindle comes even close to reading a real book? But when traveling they do have their advantages.

For example the ability to carry a virtually unlimited choice of books to read on your travels. If you on an extended trip this along with the ability to download more (using free wifi) means you never run out of something to read.

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Traveling with Dogs

There are plenty of trips and holidays you can take with family dog.

Dogs are known the world over as “Man’s best friend”, as well as 99% of dog owners describing their beloved pets as part of the family. So it makes sense then that when you go on holiday you would want to take your dog with you?

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Closest winter sun

Winter here in the UK can be a long, dark and bleak time. It’s dark when get up for work, your stuck in the office all day long and then its dark by the time you leave to head home. Ontop of seeing less daylight than your average vampire, you have deal with the constant rain, and bitterly cold winds.

The only respite to this horrid existence is the euphoria of the Christmas season and the festivities that brings. But come January the 1st the deep realization that spring is still moths away sets in.

Its no wonder then that winter breaks in the sun are rising in popularity and everyone now wants to get over the January blues by soaking up some rays.

If you don’t have the time or finances to jet off to the traditional winter sun destinations like SE Asia or the Caribbean, where can you go on a budget and still enjoy the sun?

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