Outside factors that effect the cost of your trip

Traveling can be an expensive past time, especially if you have family, and can only travel at certain times of the year.

You’d be surprised what other factors beyond your control affect the price of your vacation.

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You won’t believe how close this plane comes to this beach

We at Concordia Travel do like to experience those things out of the ordinary,  and we don’t usually shy away from things.

But lazy on this beach in St Maarten (Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean) is possible a step too far, even for us ardent travelers.

I mean we love laying around on a stunning white sandy beach in the Caribbean as much as the next person. Who doesn’t? But the best thing about this is relaxing and chilling out, and that certainly isn’t possible when there is a giant 747 only a few feet above your head. Continue reading “You won’t believe how close this plane comes to this beach”

Top 10 Things to See in London

As one of the most visited places on the planet, London boasts so many attractions and things to do. Trying to plan your trip here can be almost overwhelming trying to ensure you fit everything in.

As a UK based agent we have an extensive knowledge of London and all it has to offer. So whether you have booked your entire trip with us, or are just looking for inspiration we can help.

Below are the top 10 things we think everyone should experience in London, this list is compiled from our own experiences and that of our many happy customers.

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