Closest winter sun

Winter here in the UK can be a long, dark and bleak time. It’s dark when get up for work, your stuck in the office all day long and then its dark by the time you leave to head home. Ontop of seeing less daylight than your average vampire, you have deal with the constant rain, and bitterly cold winds.

The only respite to this horrid existence is the euphoria of the Christmas season and the festivities that brings. But come January the 1st the deep realization that spring is still moths away sets in.

Its no wonder then that winter breaks in the sun are rising in popularity and everyone now wants to get over the January blues by soaking up some rays.

If you don’t have the time or finances to jet off to the traditional winter sun destinations like SE Asia or the Caribbean, where can you go on a budget and still enjoy the sun?

Right then you’ve decided a little winter sun is order and we don’t blame, in fact we sometimes wish we could plan our own getaways, but hey maybe another time….

Here are a few destinations and basic facts to start your planning with..

Canary Islands

The islands are a long time favorite of ours when looking for a little January sun. This collection of Spanish Islands sits just the coast of North West Africa, giving them the perfect year round climate

  • Flight time from UK 4hrs
  • Average winter temp 25C
  • Cost – Medium
  • Popularity – high
  • Our top pick

Cape Verde

Another Island situated in the Atlantic, just off the coast of Africa, is Cape Verde. This little gem of an Island is fast becoming a regular spot for winter sun seekers.

The island boasts some stunning white sandy beaches and crystal waters. Giving a feel of true paradise luxury, without the luxury cost.

  • Flight time 6hrs
  • Average winter temp 26c
  • Cost – Medium to get there, cheap when there
  • Popularity – rising
  • Offers culture as well as beaches


For those of you that prefer a slightly cooler temperature but still looking for the sun, then the Med coast of North Africa is great. After the terrible events in Tunisia in 2015, the country is now back on the safe travels list. Although things do change regularly so check the FCO website first.

As people are still a little tepid about visiting, bargains can be had.

  • Flight time 3.5hrs
  • Average winter temp 15c
  • Cost – Cheap, but will rise in coming years
  • Popularity – low
  • Offers milder climes and a rich culture to explore.

So there you have 3 ideas for your next winter sun break. Why not let us send you a personal quote?