European city breaks

Europe is one the worlds most visited regions. Every year millions of visitors from all around the world head to Europe for to soak up the culture, weather and fine cuisine.

In this post we aim to showcase the many reasons why Europe is so popular. And for us Brits it’s right on our doorstep and therefore perfect for our annual holiday. Whether you are looking a week or longer in the sun, a cultural city break or a romantic weekend, then Europe has what you’re after for sure.

Europe is a year round destination, and offers different things through different times of the year. Summer (may-Oct) is great if you are after soaking up the rays. whilst winter (Oct-April) offers a chance for a magical city break to experience winter markets. Or for the more adventurous why not hit the winter slopes for unbelievable skiing.

So what are you waiting for, have a read of the below and grab some inspiration for your next trip. If anything takes your fancy, or if your after something not mentioned then drop us a line and let us help you plan the perfect trip.

Experience the Culture

Everyone knows Europe is steeped in a rich history and every corner of this continent is filled with pockets of culture. If you are a culture junkie, then a city break could be perfect for you. We have traveled extensively across Europe, and between us we have the experience to plan your perfect cultural city break.

Some of our favorite city break destinations…..

Barcelona – Has long been one of the most visited cities in the world and offers a lot more than just its cultural sights. It boasts a great climate, buzzing nightlife and some awesome cuisine. All this makes it our favorite destination.

Things to see in Barcelona….Well where do we start? Barcelona really has it all. It doesn’t really matter what your after Barca has it all. Highlights include the famous Sagrada Famila, the Nou Camp (home of Barcelona FC) and Las Rambla.

If your after the nightlife then you can head to Port Olympic or Las Rambla.  Port Olympic is a marina used in the Olympics and is now home to many great bars, restaurants, nightclubs and even a casino. If your after the more traditional Spanish nightlife then head to Las Rambla, and wander the side streets to either side. Here you will find great little bars and awesome tapas.

London – Now for us Brits when we book a trip away, our first thought is to book abroad, we are not yet used to vacationing in our home country. But this is such a shame, the United Kingdom has plenty to offer, and the capital has the most. Whats more with the devaluation of the pound meaning going abroad is more expensive, then a home country trip could be cheaper.

With so much on offer London is by far the most visited city in the UK, and with good reason. Some of the worlds best museums are located here, along with the ever popular West End (theater district). London offers fun packed day times as well as plenty to do in the evenings.

If we had a few days in London, then we would do at least fit in the some of the following. A visit to the Natural History Museum, a show in the west end, a meal at one of London’s many Michelin starred restaurants, and a visit to Buckingham Palace.

Gdansk – Not a city most of you would expect to find on a list, but it is one of our favorites. Let us show you why. Many of will probably never even heard of Gdansk, but this is one if its charms, its still relatively unspoiled by mass tourism, another benefit of its obscurity is it is still a bargain. Prices here are so much cheaper than most major cities. Add on the city is served by some well known low cost airlines makes getting there a bargain too.

Located in North of Poland just near the Baltic, it is only a very short flight from the UK, ideal for a quick weekend getaway. the city is stunning, full of beautiful architecture it is a city you can really take pleasure just wandering around.

As mentioned prices here are extremely reasonable and you can have great night out for not a lot of money.

So I hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next weekend away? If your ready to book contact us now and we promise to tailor make a great trip for you.

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