Top 10 Things to See in London

As one of the most visited places on the planet, London boasts so many attractions and things to do. Trying to plan your trip here can be almost overwhelming trying to ensure you fit everything in.

As a UK based agent we have an extensive knowledge of London and all it has to offer. So whether you have booked your entire trip with us, or are just looking for inspiration we can help.

Below are the top 10 things we think everyone should experience in London, this list is compiled from our own experiences and that of our many happy customers.

1) – Buckingham Palace

Who comes to London and doesn’t want to see the home of the Queen? No one right, correct. So a visit to the queens home, Buckingham Palace is absolutely number 1 on our list. It easily accessible by using the London underground and as a minimum you can get some great photo’s outside the main gates. For those with a little more time, entrance and tours start at £24/adult

More info : Visit the official website

2) – River cruise

The river Thames is an iconic London sight and one of the best ways to experience is a magnificent river cruise. You can choose from various different operators all of which offer slightly different itineraries. We would choose a day time cruise, allowing for some great photo opportunities. Contact us and we can arrange everything for you including hotel pick up.

3) – The Shard

A lot of you may not know the shard by name, but any of you who have seen a recent image of the London skyline will know this building. It is the tallest in London and located right above London Bridge station. Just like a visit up the Empire state building in NYC, a visit to the Shard’s viewing gallery is a must. From the dizzy heights you will get the best view of London and beyond. Tickets can be bought on the day, but to avoid queues let us arrange one in advance.

4) – West End Show

A west end show is a magnificent experience, and great for families. Shows are every night of the week, as well as regular matinees (afternoon shows). All the major productions are here. For the best prices book mid week as weekends are very busy.

5) – Borough Market

London has always had an amazing food scene (even thought the world berates English food). And one of the best sights in the scene is the borough market. Located under London Bridge station and free to enter, this is easy to get to and an awesome free day out. For any serious foodies this is a must.

Here you will be able to try foods from around the globe, as well as some of the UK’s finest produce in the farmers market.

6) – Greenwich Observatory

The center of the world for navigators is the Greenwich observatory, this is where time zones and East or West are calculated from. The line that runs through the center of the observatory is neither east or west, it is dead center of the globe. When you here co-ordinates given east or west they are saying how far either side of this line they are.

Not all of you will be interested in the history here, but the grounds are also one of the best green spaces in London.

7) – Tower of London

The Tower of London needs no introduction, this has long been one of London’s main attractions. The infamous prison was home to those guilty of the most horrid crimes against the land.

The public place for executions in medieval London, the place has a scaryvfeeling. But well worth a visit.

8) – London Dungeons

Another popular attraction for your dark minded is the London Dungeons, located in central London, they are very popular. Talk a walk through the streets of London through various ages, but watch out there’s a catch……..

Every now and then on the trained actors will jump out of nowhere in the dark and chase you around. This is definitely not for the faint hearted.

9) – Madame Tussaud’s

This an extremely popular tour, and waiting for tickets can take several hours. But the wait is worth it, once inside you have the amazing opportunity to have your photo with the biggest celebrities on the planet.

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Obama, David Beckham, Nelson Mandela and so much more.

Do not forget your camera

10) – Covent Garden

A great place for a more relaxed and informal few hours in London. Just head there on your own and wander around at leisure.

Some great shops, bars and restaurants are here. As well as street performers and some of the more colorful of London’s characters.

Well that concludes the list and as we said at the top, this is just our opinion and London has so much more. We can arrange almost anything you could possible think of, so give us a bell and let us plan your perfect trip.