Traveling with Dogs

There are plenty of trips and holidays you can take with family dog.

Dogs are known the world over as “Man’s best friend”, as well as 99% of dog owners describing their beloved pets as part of the family. So it makes sense then that when you go on holiday you would want to take your dog with you?

You wouldn’t leave other beloved members of your family at home, would you?

There are a few basics you need to ensure before you start your planning, just like for yourself: You need to get a dog passport, get their vaccinations up to date, and make sure you have the correct permits.

Once the boring bits are out of the way you can start planning your annual holiday, with dog included.


Camping is always a favorite among dog owners, most campsite’s will accept pets. But it is probably advisable to check first, especially before putting a deposit down.

Camping makes the perfect escape for the whole family, you can easily drive to your chosen destination, especially if its in the UK or northern Europe. Meaning getting you, your equipment and pooch there should be a breeze.

The outdoors are great fun the whole family can enjoy, lots of open spaces to explore and run around in.

Dog Friendly hotels

More and more hotels are carving a niche for themselves in the market by becoming pet friendly. This means they will happily accept your pet to stay in their hotel. There will usually be an extra charge for your pet, but much smaller than another person.

But in return for this small extra charge, your dog will usually have a wonderful stay, including treats, specialist beds and being fussed over by the owners and staff.

Most online booking agents now have pet friendly as one of their filters, so finding a hotel that will accept your pet is now easier than ever.

Renting a cottage or private home

Again another long time favorite is renting your own accommodation, again it is certainly advisable to check with the owner/agent that pets are allowed.

This is a firm favorite as it is more like a home a home and the only people around will be you guys, meaning the settling in should be easier for the dog.

Things to consider
  1. Passport/vaccinations up to date
  2. Insurance is valid for travel – if not get a specialist policy
  3. Take your own dog food, you might not be able to get it at your destination
  4. Take some home comforts for your dog, a blanket, favorite toy etc, this will help the dogs transition
  5. Don’t forget your camera, there will be plenty of great opportunities to grab an awesome snap
  6. Most of all have fun and ensure your dog does as well.

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