You won’t believe how close this plane comes to this beach

Princess Juliana International Airport

We at Concordia Travel do like to experience those things out of the ordinary,  and we don’t usually shy away from things.

But lazy on this beach in St Maarten (Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean) is possible a step too far, even for us ardent travelers.

I mean we love laying around on a stunning white sandy beach in the Caribbean as much as the next person. Who doesn’t? But the best thing about this is relaxing and chilling out, and that certainly isn’t possible when there is a giant 747 only a few feet above your head.

We are not dramatizing this, the flight path to the Princess Juliana International Airport literally flies right over the beach. Just before touch down.

Don’t believe us then check this video out!!

CRAZY isn’t it, what do you guys think? Would you sit here whilst a plane comes in to land almost touching distance above you?

Just think of the sand, even a gentle breeze and your picking sand out of your clothes, bag and other places for days. Imagine where those little grains get to when blown about by a jet engine?

Let us know your thoughts, maybe you’ve been here?